As The ‘American Sniper’ Movie Divides Hollywood, It Gets Slammed By Seth Rogen

February 6, 2015  


Seth-Rogan american

The movie American Sniper enjoyed a superb opening weekend and smashed the box office records. This is the Clint Eastwood movie that has smashed the $68 million record of Avatar and has created the fresh record of $90 million. This success is though full of controversies. In the beginning the active politician remarked that the real snipers are nothing but cowards.



This was followed by Seth Rogan, the comedian, who made the comparison of Bradley Cooper’s role as US Navy Seal Chris Kyle with a Nazi propaganda type film.



Seth Rogan actually referred to the role in Inglorious Bastards where the film named Stolz der Nation (meaning Nation’s Pride) displays a German sniper who kills about 200 soldiers from the secured position of a clock tower.

Though the movie is not disliked by all and it actually opened up the racist mentality of some people which must not be emphasized. The movie also gained some real and meaningful opinions from various celebrities.





After having such a wonderful weekend opening, it’s pretty obvious that Clint Eastwood, Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller are just least worried about the criticisms.

If you have seen the movie, feel free to leave your comments here. You can watch the complete trailer of the film in the given video link.