Can You Believe These 5 Photos Were Taken By Amateurs? I Don’t Think So!

January 29, 2015  

Right now, a considerable amount of folks contemplate themselves amateur photographers. This really is possibly because most of us carry around wise phones with high tech cameras in them at all occasions. The result is that lot more people are trying their hand at the art of photography, & frequently with fantastic results.

A recent thread on the discussion web-site Quora asked users what the finest picture they have ever taken was. The photographs that men and women responded are really pretty fantastic. Here are some of our favorites in conjunction with what the users had to convey about each photo.

1.) Rajat Bhargava.
tennis ball spinning
It was a nice breezy shiny Sunday afternoon. We were playing in our community garden. A person flicked the ball towards the community gardener who was watering plants plus the ball got wet. After that it started to become a monster. The quicker the ball was thrown, the more it flew like a rocket leaving trails of water behind; yet the magic began when my elder brother began bowling.

His bowling made the ball spin and generate a whirlpool of water sprayed in mid air. The moment he delivered the first ball, the closing fielder got a fabulous shower thanks to the spinning wet ball. I acknowledged the spinning ball and thought to myself that it was a moment worth capturing. I grabbed my camera and asked my brother to spin the ball as fast he could when he bowled. After one or two missed shots, I finally snapped that magical moment, where the ball was in sharp focus.

2.) Erik Fanki.
This was taken during a tattoo expo in Falun, Sweden in 2010, and I shot it without a moments comprehend. I wish I could say I planned for it, then again I did not.

3.) Luiz Pires.
castle snow
I was living in Munich a couple of years ago & had my mother and sister going to me for a few days. We decided to brave the winter conditions and icy roads to drive to Neuschwanstein castle a couple of hours away. When we got there, the weather had thoroughly cleared & we were rewarded with astounding ‘winter wonderland’ scenes everywhere we looked. Not only that, though the town was about as empty as I’d ever observed it – it is in the main overrun with tourists.

This certain photo is one of my favorites from that trip as it seemed to capture the ‘fairy tale’ atmosphere of the place that day.

4.) Rakesh Ranjan.
reflected image
Genuinely it is reflection in super-still water. Taken with a point-&-shoot camera.

5.) Jeff Weston.
cloud over city

Whenever I’m flying home into LaGuardia Airport, I request a window seat & willfully disobey the flight crew by keeping my point-and-shoot turned on. On this certain September afternoon, there was high cloud cover with one rogue cloud hovering ominously above Midtown Manhattan. I timed this exposure so that you could see straight down 42nd Street, all of the method to the Hudson River. Greenpoint, Brooklyn and Lengthy Island City, Queens are obvious in the foreground, separated by Newtown Creek.