During A Robbery, What A Criminal Did Was Straight Out Of Mission Impossible…

February 7, 2015  

In 37 minutes, police officers hunter for and arrested a white bald male who was accused of carjacking a woman and robbing two banks. But as they put the handcuffs on, they were astonished with his career.

The man they’d been tailing, the white old man, was Solomon Zemichael Teklie, a 40-year-old black man from Ethiopia.

Using a pellet gun to steal the car and $1,100 in total from the banks in Edmonton, Canada, Soloman’s crime spree was very short lived. But incredibly memorable.


The prosecutor said: “I don’t know where this mask was made, I don’t know where it came from, but it’s uncanny how much it looks like a real person. It was so realistic that each witness on this file thought that Mr. Teklie was white. He is not white.”


Source (Metro)

Pleading guilty to three counts of robbery, Soloman hasn’t made a comment on the mask, instead he said: “I’m truly sorry for my actions. That’s all I can say.” A shame, for Halloween loving people who would love to try one of these!

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