Facebook Reunites Mother With Her Long Lost Son… How Awesome!

January 29, 2015  

This incredible story of Cherie Alvis who had to give up her newborn son 22 years ago when she was only 17. He encountered severe medical issues she couldn’t afford or manage him at such a young age. She gave him up for adoption.. then 2 weeks ago, she posted photographs to Facebook looking for him, they read read: “I am looking for my son. He was born June 3, 1991. He’s 22 today. Birth name Joseph Edward Saenz.”

Cherie’s heartfelt plea.

Four days later, miraculously, a man named Clark Alldridge wrote on her Facebook timeline. He stated, “Here I am, Mom.”

The 1st time Cherie met her son.

All in all a beautiful story of family love!