Jokers Cafe Tue, 10 Feb 2015 20:05:26 +0000 en-US hourly 1 You Will Never Believe That These People Really Exist In The World Tue, 10 Feb 2015 20:05:26 +0000 Continue reading ]]> People that look different are often abandoned by our society. Things are not always the same as we think. Behind his one’s look one might have a story that he can’t fight with. There are somethings that we have to just live with. The conditions you are about to see are either due to genes are just slightly odd habits.

The Man With Zero Percent Fat


Tom Staniford lives with Myelodysplastic (MPD) syndrome. It is a genetic problem in which his body is unable to store fat under his skin.


MPD is an extremely rare metabolic disorder, which is currently known to affect only eight people in the world.


People with MPD all share the ‘no fat whatsoever’ characteristics, which include the appearance of sunken eyes, cheeks, and withered lips.


In spite of his wasted frame Stanifords body thinks that he is obese, meaning he has type 2 diabetes.


But Staniford didn’t let the condition win over him. He can’t fight with that. But he tried to make his life better by himself. He was crowned British National Paracycling Champion in 2011.

The Girl Who Wore A Corset For 3 Years In A Row


Michelle Kobke (24) lives in Germany. She is obsessed with achieving the smallest waist in the world.


She has been wearing corsets for 3 years in a row having the belief she can alter her long term physical shape through reconditioning.


So far, by her try she has made the project successful and her physical alterations becoming noticeable.


After 3 years, even when she is not wearing a corset, her torso and waist maintain their altered shape.


The Boy With A Mole The Size Of His Entire Back


Didier Montalvo is a boy from Colombia. He was born with a medical disorder known as Congenital Melanocytic Nevus – AKA The Mole Disease.


Because of this disease he had a mole which sized same as his back. The mole was so large that it was taking and feeding from all his nourishments like a parasite.


Didier got to know that he  was able to undergo surgery that separated him from the giant mole, and avoid physical defect in the process.


Before the surgery took place, some people within Didier’s community were afraid to go near him or touch him through fear that he was an evil spirit, or that the mole was contagious.


The Woman With Extremely Large Legs


Mandy Sellars is from Lancashire. She was diagnosed with Proteus Syndrome. It is a condition which causes huge lumps to develop on the skin and the bones to deform and thicken. It is very rare, and believed to affect only 120 people worldwide.


Mandy’s legs weigh 95kg and measure one meter in circumference.


Her feet are so large that she can wear regular shoes or drive regular cars. She requires to order specially fitted shoes, and a specially built car that she can drive.


While her treatment was going on, doctors were forced to amputate one of her legs after she acquired deep vein thrombosis and MRSA.


The Man With An Extremely Large Tumor On His Face


Jose Mestre is from Lisbon, Portugal. He developed a huge facial deformity which started growing in his lips when he was 14. Over the years the tumor grew to be over five kilograms in weight. Because of the problem Jose became blind in one eye, and suffered with great difficulty with his breathing.


He spent forty years of his life without treatment. The reason for not having treatment in his words are,  “years of medical misinformation, some misdiagnosis, lack of finances. and reluctance to undergo surgery due to his religious beliefs.”


In 2011 Jose underwent four separate operations to remove his tumor and restore his face. Thankfully science has developed and  the procedures was a successful.

The Man With An Extra Pair Of Arms And Legs


Rudy Santos from the Philippines suffers from an ultra  rare condition. It is knows as Craniopagus Parasiticus or Parisitic Twin.  He is the oldest person with this condition. He has an extra pair of arms and legs attached to his pelvis and abdomen. It developed into his body during pregnancy. His body absorbed the twin he might have. Rudy was part of a travelling freak show during the 70′s and 80′s. He earned the stage name ‘The Octoman.’ He was likened to God and women would line up to be with him. Rudy then disappeared and lived in poverty for a while.

In 2008, doctors examined him and told an operation was possible. Rudy declined as he had become fond of his extra limbs.

Now he is living with an extra pair of arms and legs.

The Man With Fungus All Over His Body


Dede Koswara is an Indonesian man. For most of his life, he has endured the extremely rare fungal infection Epidermodysplasia Verriciformis.


This causes large, hard fungal growths. Funguses are protrude from the skin which looks remarkably like tree bark.  Performing basic functions has become very difficult as his hands were so heavy.


Dede has had successful operations in 2008 and 2011 to remove the fungus. It goes for a while. But again it grows back and there is no permanent cure for the condition.


There things in world that we don’t know. We should help and support these kind of people wherever we see them…!

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CNN Is Going With This Creepy Video At The End Of The World, WTF? Tue, 10 Feb 2015 19:56:28 +0000 Continue reading ]]> The RMS Titanic before it sank played a last song Christian hymn by the name of, Nearer, My God, to Thee. This leaked video by CNN features the same song performed by a brass hand.

This video was made to be saved for the end of the world.

CNN CEO Ted Turner, specially requested this video to be played as the last played one for his channel before the end of the world.

Does it not sound weird that he had a plan for ratings even during the apocalypse? Check this out!

(source: Jalopnik)

I cannot shake it off how CNN prepared for something like this. What do you think?

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What This Cave Diver Does Under The Water Will Terrify You Tue, 10 Feb 2015 19:50:34 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Cave diving is one of the deadliest hobbies in the world, something Axel Willems have good knowledge to perform too well.

Willems often visits places where the dying words of victims can be found scratched into cave walls. What he does in there will terrify you!

(via Unilad)

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These 9 People Were Born With Real Super Powers, Albeit Strange Ones Tue, 10 Feb 2015 19:41:54 +0000 Continue reading ]]> If you ever read a comic book as a child, you probably wanted super powers. Having super powers is one of the greatest human longings ever since the creation of super heroes. Some people do possess them.

1. Mr. Eat It All

desktop-1422565962 (1)

Michel Lotito has super powered digestive acids that allow him to eat just about anything. He’s eaten metal, glass, and plastic.

2. Rubber Boy


Daniel Browning Smith, aka The Rubber Boy, is a famous contortionist. He appeared on Jay Leno, Cirque De Soleil, and many other television shows showing how he can bend his body all over.

3. The Incredible Mr. Teeth


Rathakrishnan Velu can pull things from his teeth.

4. The Eye Popping Man


Claudio Pinto can pop his eyes out of their sockets to about 95%.

5. The Sounds Seer


Ben Underwood went blind after both of his eyes were removed due to cancer. By becoming super adept at using echolocation, he can live a fairly normal life without any guide from dogs or any aides.

6. The Lion Whisperer

desktop-1422565965 (1)

Kevin Richardson makes his living by having the ability to communicate with lions, cheetahs, and many other big cats.

7. The Magnetic Man


Liew Thow Lin is a 70-year-old man who discovered that he can attract metal objects to his body and even pulled cars with this gift.

8. The Torture King


Tim Cridland doesn’t really feel pain. The scientists studied on him and could not explain his immunity to most painful things.

9. The Brain


Daniel Tammet is a high-functioning autistic genius savant with a gift for mathematical equations and memory.

(via Oddee)

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Revealed: 20 Socially Awkward Things That We Do, But Will Never Ever Admit It Tue, 10 Feb 2015 19:34:32 +0000 Everyone of does some of the socially awkward things below…. Which are your’s??




Be honest when you answer! ;)

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If The Characters From Frozen Had Facebook Tue, 10 Feb 2015 19:29:32 +0000 Have you ever think what would happen if characters of frozen had Facebook?

Here are some possibilities that could happen.






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Young Mum Handed A Note By A Man, You Will Be As Stunned As She Was Mon, 09 Feb 2015 16:09:56 +0000 Continue reading ]]>  

young mum left stunned

Sammie, a young mother of a three year old son (Rylan) is requesting all to share this particular note so that she can find out the person from whom she got it. It was actually a stranger who gave a 5 pound note and a letter that says Sammie’s mothering skills are exceptional for her generation.

Sammie is 23 years old and was traveling with her son in the train is now desperately searching the man who gave her the note and letter.

The letter had the signature that says “man on train at table with glasses and hat”.

It says that the man is awarding Sammie with a drink (that she must buy herself with the money) as she owns the credit of being very polite mother who was teaching good manners to her son in the very correct way. The man also said that he too has a daughter of Sammie’s age and was taught good thing in the same way as Sammie was doing to her son. He hopes that when his own daughter will have children, she too will be a good mother as Sammie.





Sammie become extremely emotional after receiving the letter and says that as she was shocked and overwhelmed to read the content. She has put the money in an account for her son and is now trying her level best to find out that man as she wants to thank her personally.

Sammie was in the First Great Western train from Birmingham to Plymouth on Thursday. The man who gave her the money and letter got off in Bristol sometime between 7 and 8pm. It is obvious that there were not too many passengers of the train who gave 5 pounds and a touching letter to this young lady. If it were you, please reply to Sammie’s request as she wants to thank you.

Source: The Mirror

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The Most Crystal Clear Image Of Space Ever Taken, You Will Be Amazed When You See It Mon, 09 Feb 2015 12:06:47 +0000 Continue reading ]]> crystal clearThe highest quality of space photo has been released by NASA.

This particular image was taken through the Hubble telescope of the Andromeda Galaxy. The full size of the image is approximately 60,000 x 22,000 pixels and thus it is about 1000 times bigger than the resolution you will get from high definition cameras. The picture file takes approximately 4.5 GB space.

There are about 10 million stars in the picture which can be seen only when you zoom in.



The best way to view this picture is to use the tool for zooming. It will enable you to zoom really close and have a look at each single star. You can actually spend lots of time doing this.

Otherwise you can just have a look at this video that pans across the image and puts the picture in the right scale for your convenience.


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This Teacher Is Body Slammed By A Student For Confiscating Phone, Awful Behavior Mon, 09 Feb 2015 08:02:48 +0000 Continue reading ]]> If you are extremely attached to your Smartphone, this video is for you that will actually remind you about the basic rules to follow at school. Here you will see a 16 year old boy beating down the 62 year old teacher as the man confiscated his Smartphone.

The incident took place at John F. Kennedy High School, New Jersey, where the boy was in the middle of the physics class. He was arrested on the charge of aggravated assault.

Is smart games like candy crush so important that you are ready to get arrested?

Sickening scene teacher


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This Guy Had To Find Someone With His Ex’s Name To Take Around The World For Free Sun, 08 Feb 2015 22:56:35 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Can you recognize this guy? It is Jordan Axani, the 27 year old Canadian whose online campaign of searching for someone with the name of his ex girlfriend went viral. He wanted someone having the same name as his ex girlfriend to accompany him for a world trip.

This couple broke up while Jordan was in possession of several non-transferable tickets in his ex girlfriend’s name. So, he desperately searched for another Canadian with the name Elizabeth Gallagher.

There was a real happy ending of the story as 23 year old Elizabeth Quinn Gallagher from Nova Scotia accepted the offer. The twist was that this new Elizabeth had a steady boyfriend, who could never be happy to agree for this trip.



Elizabeth Quinn admitted that her boyfriend was not very happy when she accepted Jordan’s offer but knowing about her wish to travel around the world made him to agree.

Jordan has confirmed that the trip is going to be strictly platonic and they have flown out of New York on 21st December.



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