If You Can Spot What’s Hiding In Each Of These Photos…It May Surprise You.

February 6, 2015  

We know that snipers are great at hiding. But we never wondered that they were this good! Simon Menner contacted the German army in 2010 to show us how deadly these killers can be.

Menner took two shoots: one in a boring forest in norteren Germany with inexperienced soldiers and the other in the German Alps with elite ones. Both shoots are quite startling!

Now, the question arises: Where exactly are the snipers?


You will find him on the right, just next to the second tree. Behind the piece of wood on the ground.


The sniper is on the left under the twigs and branches.


The sniper is behind a small tree with a bent trunk on the left side of the image, under a moss cover.

desktop-1422025069 (1)

The sniper is under the left side of the birch tree.


The sniper is on the right side of the image, on a small hill close to the edge of the forest


The sniper is just inside the small bushes, on the right of the path


You should be able to see the sniper’s muzzle in the lower right corner, on top of the two big boulders


You can find him straight up from the big boulder in the bottom left corner of the picture, just about where the color of the stones changes from light to dark.

(via Slate)

The time, patience and the training going through it all being a sniper is beyond comparison with any other army or marine training. I could not spot them all without help. What about you?

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