New ‘Safety’ Traffic Light Makes Pedestrians Dance While They Wait For It To Change

February 5, 2015  

Nobody ever likes to have wait at the traffic lights. Stopping at traffic lights can be hazardous for pedestrians who are willing to risk their lives just to cross the street a little bit quicker.

The folks over at Smart have created ‘The Dancing Traffic Light’, which is a concept providing a fun & safe approach to keep men and women from venturing too early into the street. They placed a dance room in a public square in Lisbon, Portugal and invited people to go into the box and dance! Their movements were then displayed on traffic lights in real time. Which in turn resulted in 81% of more pedestrians stopping and waiting at those red lights….how cool!


Let’s hope no one ever does the moonwalk which makes people at the lights think that is the animation to walk out into the street.