The Most Crystal Clear Image Of Space Ever Taken, You Will Be Amazed When You See It

February 9, 2015  

crystal clearThe highest quality of space photo has been released by NASA.

This particular image was taken through the Hubble telescope of the Andromeda Galaxy. The full size of the image is approximately 60,000 x 22,000 pixels and thus it is about 1000 times bigger than the resolution you will get from high definition cameras. The picture file takes approximately 4.5 GB space.

There are about 10 million stars in the picture which can be seen only when you zoom in.



The best way to view this picture is to use the tool for zooming. It will enable you to zoom really close and have a look at each single star. You can actually spend lots of time doing this.

Otherwise you can just have a look at this video that pans across the image and puts the picture in the right scale for your convenience.