This Company Will Help You Find A Unique Name For Your Baby…For Just $32,000

February 8, 2015  

Every new parents, millions struggle when it comes to keeping a baby name. Most parents want to give their baby a unique and special and a perfect name.

For a simple investment of $32k, a switzerland company will find a 100% unique name for a child.

Erflogswelle is the name of that company that consists of a team of expert namers who promise to meet the challenge of coming up with an unshared name.


“The choice was causing tension between the couple, so I thought I could help,” said Hauser, who came up with such after helping his friend in naming her child.


Hauser, after helping his friend, realized that this is an opportunity of making money. The entire process takes 5 months and they take it very seriously. Hauser on the process:  “We rely on culture, the origin and the desires of our customers.” “The pronunciation and spelling need to be intuitive. If a person has to repeat his name four times on the phone and no one understands it, it is a failure.”


The $32k price tag might turn out to be a turn off for many parents, but Hauser seems to have made a great deal of initial success with his baby naming service

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(source: Oddity Central)

Perhaps, it would help in spending $32,000 on a college tuition rather than naming a child.

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