This Guy Had To Find Someone With His Ex’s Name To Take Around The World For Free

February 8, 2015  

Can you recognize this guy? It is Jordan Axani, the 27 year old Canadian whose online campaign of searching for someone with the name of his ex girlfriend went viral. He wanted someone having the same name as his ex girlfriend to accompany him for a world trip.

This couple broke up while Jordan was in possession of several non-transferable tickets in his ex girlfriend’s name. So, he desperately searched for another Canadian with the name Elizabeth Gallagher.

There was a real happy ending of the story as 23 year old Elizabeth Quinn Gallagher from Nova Scotia accepted the offer. The twist was that this new Elizabeth had a steady boyfriend, who could never be happy to agree for this trip.



Elizabeth Quinn admitted that her boyfriend was not very happy when she accepted Jordan’s offer but knowing about her wish to travel around the world made him to agree.

Jordan has confirmed that the trip is going to be strictly platonic and they have flown out of New York on 21st December.