Tsunamis Are One Thing, But What Happened On This Lake Is Shocking

February 2, 2015  

We all know tsunamis are large bodies of water and are pretty terrifying indeed, but what if you had to deal with one of ice?
It sounds like it could be a hell of a lot more terrifying…Yet in reality, it’s more of an oddity than anything sinister. Jim Morgenstern who lives on the coast of Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin caught a so-called “ice tsunami” in action coming off the lake and into his backyard.

It is actually best know as an “ice shove.”
ice shove
An ice shove occurs when currents or tides shift the surface of a frozen body of water, forcing the ice onto land.
ice shove1

Most ice shoves never cause any major damage as they move to slowly, although they are known to sometimes knock down trees or destroy docks.
Check out the ice shove in the video below hitting houses.

Via: IFL Science

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