Watch This, You’ll Have A Quick Glimpse Into The Life Of A Schizophrenic

February 6, 2015  

Some people will never face severe mental illness while there are others who will be it for oneself or for one’s loved one.

Showing empathy to mental illness is vital however, it’s the easiest one to do.


The most common is schizophrenia which is tricky and both dangerous to deal with. It requires lots of love, support and understanding to pull through. The most important to identify it including doctors and researchers who take unique paths to understand it fully.

schizophrenic heart

Below is a video containing an artificial psychotic episode (described by patients). It is well informative and quite disturbing. Several patients were interviewed about their experience in this video.

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Source: (youtube)

Keep this in mind whenever you see someone acting strange on the street. It may be a psychotic episode and we need to show some empathy.

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