What This Woman Discovered In Her Hotel Room Is Going To Creep You Out For Life

February 3, 2015  

Imagine the moment when you check in at your hotel and see the friendly and sleepy front desk concierge taking you to your room through the vast quietness surrounding you and you see an obvious threat made by an unknown person who was present in your room.

This is exactly what happened to a woman who after checked into Whitemare Pool Travelodge hotel in Gateshead, UK.

This is that same post the woman received after turning on the default Travelodge channel on the TV.


She immediately called the staff who removed the message and gave her a refund and explained it might be an employee or a previous guest who hacked into the manufacturer’s code to use this prank on the tv.

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Despite of this experience, the woman seemed calm enough to say that Travelodge has been great about it, launching an internal investigation in the hotel and also of the TV manufacturer. Moreover, they came to a common ground in not involving the police.


Source: (bbc)

I was not aware of this function in TV! I would have guessed a threat written in lipstick on the bathroom mirror like in horror movies! Either way I might not have handled the situation the way this woman did.

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