What Washed Up On A Beach….Will Give You Nightmares Forever

February 4, 2015  

The earth is filled with different creatures of different shapes and sizes. The body of the shark that arrived on the coastline of Marigondon, Philipines is an example of how terrifying creatures can be in the sea. Best of luck sleeping for the next few days when you have seen such a creature.



When the fisherman found this creature, it was missing its tail. It may have died when it was caught. The shark was a whooping 16 feet tall. This is one of the rarest shark in the world. There’s been only 63 sightings of this shark in history.



The sharks might look dangerous, but they are of no harm to Human. They are known as filter feeders, meaning they filter water through their many rows of teeth for plankton and other goodies.

Fishermen use a stretcher with steels bars to carry a rare 15-foot (4.5-m) megamouth shark, which was trapped in a fishermen's net in Burias Pass

Scientists believe that these sharks mostly dwell in the oceans.

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