Young Mum Handed A Note By A Man, You Will Be As Stunned As She Was

February 9, 2015  


young mum left stunned

Sammie, a young mother of a three year old son (Rylan) is requesting all to share this particular note so that she can find out the person from whom she got it. It was actually a stranger who gave a 5 pound note and a letter that says Sammie’s mothering skills are exceptional for her generation.

Sammie is 23 years old and was traveling with her son in the train is now desperately searching the man who gave her the note and letter.

The letter had the signature that says “man on train at table with glasses and hat”.

It says that the man is awarding Sammie with a drink (that she must buy herself with the money) as she owns the credit of being very polite mother who was teaching good manners to her son in the very correct way. The man also said that he too has a daughter of Sammie’s age and was taught good thing in the same way as Sammie was doing to her son. He hopes that when his own daughter will have children, she too will be a good mother as Sammie.





Sammie become extremely emotional after receiving the letter and says that as she was shocked and overwhelmed to read the content. She has put the money in an account for her son and is now trying her level best to find out that man as she wants to thank her personally.

Sammie was in the First Great Western train from Birmingham to Plymouth on Thursday. The man who gave her the money and letter got off in Bristol sometime between 7 and 8pm. It is obvious that there were not too many passengers of the train who gave 5 pounds and a touching letter to this young lady. If it were you, please reply to Sammie’s request as she wants to thank you.

Source: The Mirror